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Creating a Birth Plan with Jarriel Campbell

April 04, 2022 Sarah Mayhan Episode 30
Poised & Powerful Parenting
Creating a Birth Plan with Jarriel Campbell
Show Notes

You’ve been told to create a birth plan; now what? A lot of times a birth plan can bring up a lot of your own feelings or other people’s - maybe you’ve heard that you don’t need to waste time writing it because it all goes out the window anyway. It can also be really overwhelming to decide what you need in your own plan. We decided to bring on a doula to ask about birth plans so you know what to expect and how to create your own. Episode 30 of Poised & Powerful Podcast is sharing all about the birth plan with Jarriel Campbell! 

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Jarriel is a labor and postpartum doula, girl mom, and wife. She works with millennial couples to support them in creating an enriching and positively supportive environment to connect with themselves and their new family. Jarriel supports growing families at many different phases in their maternity journeys but they all have the goal to break out of the traditional molds and have the freedom to birth their family their way.

In this episode of Poised & Powerful Podcast, Jarriel and I discuss the following:

  • What a doula is, and how to build a birth team that supports you
  • How to create your own birth vision, what questions to ask yourself, and how to get on the same page with your partner.
  • Why it’s good to know all your pain relief options - it’s not just epidural or nothing!  
  • Why doulas are extra helpful when you’re considering induction.  
  • There are multiple points along the road to birth to practice self-advocacy, and how doulas can support you during that process. 
  • How Jarriel used her birth plan as a roadmap to her birth vision, and how her doula helped her partner be the MVP of her birth support team. 

This episode will open your eyes to your own advocacy options as you build your birth plan - we hope it takes you from overwhelmed to empowered! 

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