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Asking for Help as a New Mom with Hannah Lee, LSW

May 09, 2022 Sarah Mayhan Episode 32
Poised & Powerful Parenting
Asking for Help as a New Mom with Hannah Lee, LSW
Show Notes

Do you feel like you have to just grit your teeth and power through to get through challenging situations? The reality is, we all need help and kindness. Our society could do a better job of supporting parents - a first step might be recognizing that we are not alone in our struggles. This week, episode 32 of Poised & Powerful Podcast is sharing the importance of supporting your mental health, through pregnancy, postpartum, and into parenting. 

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Hannah is a social worker and therapist at Center + Room To Breathe, an integrated therapy and trauma-informed yoga space. At Center Hannah loves working with people as they care for themselves, and she has a particular passion for issues such as pre and postnatal mental health, parenting, and mental health care in the Asian American community. Hannah is certified in psychologically-sensitive yoga through Room To Breathe, and takes a holistic mind-body approach to her work. 

Hannah was born in England to Chinese and English parents, grew up in Massachusetts, and outside of Center has experience in social justice and nonprofit settings. She lives in Chicago with her partner and their two small, noisy children. 

In this episode of Poised & Powerful Podcast, Hannah Lee and I discuss the following:

  • Different approaches to therapy, which can include options for embodiment, yoga, and mindfulness practices. 
  • The “big picture” factors that influence our mental well-being (hormones are important, but they’re not the only part.) 
  • The complex and mixed emotions that parenthood can bring, and allowing ourselves to feel those feelings. 
  • You deserve to reach out for support, even if you’re not at an “extreme” like wanting to hurt your child or yourself. How and where to begin to draw in support, especially if you’ve never done it before.
  • How to begin to give ourselves kindness and compassion (we extend so much care to our children, but can struggle to see ourselves as also worthy of care.) 

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