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What to Do When You're Losing it with Your Kids with AT Teacher, Morgan Rysdon

May 23, 2022 Sarah Mayhan Episode 33
Poised & Powerful Parenting
What to Do When You're Losing it with Your Kids with AT Teacher, Morgan Rysdon
Show Notes

We love our kids - but wow, they can press our buttons. How do you keep your cool with your children when dealing with daily frustrations and stresses? I posed this question to Morgan Rysdon, AT teacher and parent. We talk about mindful skills that can help you - but also, you don’t have to be a perfectly calm parent all the time. This week, episode 33 of Poised & Powerful Podcast is sharing what to do when we are losing it with our kids! 

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Morgan Rysdon is a nationally certified Alexander Technique teacher and founder of Center Studio. She has a private practice in Atlanta, NYC and online where she helps individuals elevate their performances on stage, at work, and in life. Her teaching is focused on improving the overall function of an individual's mind, body, breath, and voice—as well as helping those struggling with chronic pain, injury, stress, and/or anxiety. Morgan has a BA in Acting and, in 2011, she gained her teaching certification from The American Center for the Alexander Technique. Since then, she’s gone on to teach international private lessons and group classes that improve others' self-awareness, self-confidence, and poise. 

In this episode of Poised & Powerful Podcast, Morgan and I discuss the following:

  • What you can learn by allowing yourself to slow down and enjoy those moments when you have to adjust to your kid’s speed. 
  • Why yelling at your kids creates resistance and what it truly teaches them - or doesn’t.
  • Providing choices can give your child autonomy and decision-making skills they will carry with them as they grow. 
  • The importance of educating your children through honest conversations, and how it enables kids to become helpers and collaborators in the home and beyond.
  • Why it’s important to model taking care of yourself as a mom, and where we can cut ourselves some slack. 

We are human, so we all get frustrated and upset. However, it’s how we act after making a mistake or blowing up at our kids that matters the most. Morgan illustrates a unique, honest, and open relationship with her kids that you’ll love to learn about.

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