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A Journey of Extended Breastfeeding with Shanti Geiser

August 22, 2022 Sarah Mayhan Episode 39
Poised & Powerful Parenting
A Journey of Extended Breastfeeding with Shanti Geiser
Show Notes

So often, in early parenthood, we talk about putting the baby first. Today’s guest has a fresh approach to her journey in breastfeeding that we can all learn from. This week, episode 39 of Poised & Powerful Podcast is sharing the story of two different breastfeeding journeys! 

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Shanti Geiser grew up in Florida and moved to Washington State in December 2019,  just months before the pandemic started. As a mom of two kids, also juggling schooling for a master's in HR, it has been an intense journey. Despite the ups and downs, breastfeeding has been an area of her life that feels like a reprieve. It has been a bonding and meditative experience where she can release worries and struggles and just be present in the moment with her children. She uses breastfeeding as a time to recharge, learn about things that interest her, and connect with her kids. It has also been empowering.

In this episode of Poised & Powerful Podcast, Shanti Geiser and I discuss the following:

  • Having a pre-pandemic baby vs. a pandemic baby and what those experiences were like.
  • The ups and downs of hospital birth vs. home birth (in two different states), NICU stays, weaning, and extended breastfeeding. 
  • What it’s like when you truly have a supportive birth and pediatric support when you need that. 
  • Ultimately do what works best for you first, as a mom and as a breastfeeding parent, and taking time to take care of yourself.

Breastfeeding is a service to your baby, but it should also be an empowering experience. Do breastfeeding for you and listen to your body.

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Facebook Shanti would love to be a resource for anyone considering extended breastfeeding or chatting on parenting topics. 

Shanti recommends: Kai Chi Do for embodied meditation. She’s been practicing with her dad (its founder!) since childhood.




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