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Alexander Technique and Motherhood on the Woven Podcast with Evelyn Correa

September 05, 2022 Sarah Mayhan Episode 40
Poised & Powerful Parenting
Alexander Technique and Motherhood on the Woven Podcast with Evelyn Correa
Show Notes

In parenthood, we realize so much is out of our control - how do we cope when things don’t go as planned? I recently had the honor of being a guest on the Woven podcast talking about my journey using the Alexander Technique as a practice during early parenthood to deal with physical and emotional stresses. This week, episode 40 of Poised & Powerful Podcast is a replay of my conversation with Evelyn Correa on her podcast, Woven! 

Feeding and caring for young children can do a number on your body - and it can be hard to find that time to take care of yourself. Join me for a restorative practice where we’ll release tension in our necks, back, and shoulders. Clear your mind so you’ll feel reset and re-energized for yourself and your family. Drop into the online Sunday night group: Restore on the Floor for parents and caregivers. https://poisedpowerfulparenthood.com/take-a-break Or sign up here to be the first to know about new classes and offers.

In this episode of Poised & Powerful Podcast, Evelyn and I discuss the following:

  • Using Alexander Technique in stressful parenting situations
  • Approaching parenthood from a skills-based perspective rather than a knowledge-based perspective
  • The reality of being a new mom and the unique struggles each of us go through, from the daily routines to the pressures we put on ourselves as moms.
  • How we respond physiologically to stress and how we can apply Alexander Technique skills in the moment to make life easier.

Remember these - Am I seeing? Am I breathing? Am I balancing?

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