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Rhonda's roller-coaster pandemic pregnancy with TWINS

April 19, 2021 Sarah Mayhan Episode 7
Poised & Powerful Parenting
Rhonda's roller-coaster pandemic pregnancy with TWINS
Show Notes

Becoming a mom can feel like magic - and a marathon without a finish line. Let’s show some gratitude to the incredible things our bodies can do. This week, episode 7 of Poised & Powerful Parenting is sharing Rhonda's roller-coaster pandemic pregnancy with TWINS! 

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Rhonda Abrams is a first-time mom to 5-month-old identical twins girls. She is a professional community builder who leads fundraising & engagement efforts at a local Chicago spiritual community called Mishkan Chicago, while simultaneously full-time momming during a pandemic in her small apartment. She studied some Alexander Technique in undergrad at the Claremont Colleges and makes a point to do something personal & active almost every day. 

In this episode Rhonda and I discuss the following:

  • Rhonda’s pregnancy journey from finding out she was pregnant at the start of a pandemic to navigating a high-risk pregnancy to an unexpectedly smooth birth. 
  • How demanding establishing breastfeeding can be and why breastfeeding twins is like dancing with two dance partners. 
  • Being a NICU parent and working through going home and not being able to take her babies home yet, while staying up at night pumping milk for them.
  • Managing anxiety and embracing her “mom superpowers.” 
  • Where Rhonda uses Alexander Technique skills to ground herself and release tension when tandem breastfeeding her babies. 
  • How she manages to make a little time and space to connect with herself, and how parenthood has deepened her spiritual self. 

See Minisode for Breastfeeding Alexander Techniques

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 Rhonda is open to connecting with other twin parents, find her here.




Work with Sarah! 

Rhonda is picking up babies x2, so Sarah sent her this video on how to get your baby out of the crib without hurting your back


This meme to remind you that you are not alone.

Connecting with other twin parents, for example: Windy City Twins, Windy City Twins Swap Page

Amazing doula support in the Chicago area from Leah the Doula. We love doulas! 

Instagrams to read when breastfeeding/ pumping/ otherwise stuck under a baby: @bemybreastfriend @the_bernstein_brood @danistwinsfilm @twiniversity @common_wild