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Simple Practices from the Alexander Technique for Easier Postpartum with Nicola Hanefeld, PhD

November 08, 2021 Sarah Mayhan Episode 21
Poised & Powerful Parenting
Simple Practices from the Alexander Technique for Easier Postpartum with Nicola Hanefeld, PhD
Show Notes

Content note: we are not meant to just handle it on our own when it comes to the stresses of the postpartum period. Many parents struggle. You are not alone. Please see support resources at Postpartum Support International

Why is the postpartum period under-studied for women and people who give birth? This week’s guest tackled this issue of the neglected postpartum period. We’ll hear about new research findings on postpartum - and talk about ways to make this time a more easeful and empowering experience. This week, episode 21 of Poised & Powerful Podcast is sharing some simple practices for an easier postpartum! 

This episode is sponsored by my upcoming class: Stress Less In Pregnancy. Learn skills that will serve you beyond pregnancy and through postpartum as you: reduce aches and pains, minimize your responses to stress, and find moments of rest. 

Nicola Hanefeld, Ph.D. is English but has lived in Germany since 1981. She’s a mother of 3 grown-up kids and freelance teacher of the Alexander Technique since 1989. Nicola’s company's name is SPEEK and before starting her Ph.D. at the University of Hull, UK, in 2017 her target group was stressed-out executives. Her Ph.D. thesis entitled 'Exploring how women use the AT; psycho-physical re-education in the postpartum" was completed in 2021.

In this episode of Poised & Powerful Podcast, Nicola Hanefeld and I discuss the following:

  • Postpartum “working conditions” and how they differ by country and culture.
  • Aspects of postpartum stress and distress can be attributed to the way society handles the postpartum period in different countries.
  • How Nicola designed her studies on postpartum and the simple techniques she taught to help postpartum moms.
  • The way the “to-do list” can really take over our mental space and how to combat that to ensure that we make ourselves a priority too.

Taking ten minutes to check in with yourself is not a full nap, but there’s a vital importance in taking rest and it strengthens your sense of agency.

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Women's experiences of using the Alexander Technique in the postpartum: ´...in a way, it's just as beneficial as sleep.




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